Good News In Real Estate Our 10th Year On The Radio!

Mark Cumberland: Radio Host, Realtor, Business Owner 

A long time resident of Philadelphia and a graduate of Temple University, Mark seems to always end up in a leadership position. Early in his career he started working for the Teamster Union. Initially nominated to be shop steward in his local shop, Mark was soon chief negotiator and highly active in union activities. After completing organizing school for the Teamsters, he was very visible in his local.

He then drifted into the world of politics by becoming a local committee person and shortly after a ward leader, leading his ward to many victories. This political achievement lead to him working with the Philadelphia City Council. In City Council he worked for a single Council person for a while but eventually worked for the President of the City Council advising on budget and legislative issues.

This experience widened his sphere of influence of new friends and political allies. Near the end of that career, he ventured into real estate where he saw much opportunity and excitement. He excelled quickly as an agent, and then helped build offices in the city for various real estate companies using his talent as a builder and leader.

As of late, he built the largest real estate company in Philadelphia in one of the worst real estate markets in history. From 2008 to 2010 Mark built Keller Williams Real Estate from 20-something agents to 170 agents. The company is debt free, profit sharing and still growing.

During this same period Mark started a radio show in Philadelphia, “Good News In Real Estate” on ESPN, to counteract the doom and gloom from the local and national press. Within 16 weeks, Mark tripled the audience and moved from 36th in the ratings to 13th. The show continues to be a success. Now the show is on WPHT 1210am The show is now in it’s tenth year. This latest move to 1210 WPHT is big. WPHT 1210am is the top talk station in the Philly Media Market. Hundred of thousnad of listners.

Mark specializes in commercial and residential real estate, and also business coaches clients in different industries. He opened the Philadelphia Real Estate Classes. The school trains agent to acquire real estate licenses and does higher-end business training for experienced realtors. 

Mark has been married for 35 years to Theresa Cumberland and has a son Mark Anton Cumberland, a granddaughter Evelyn Cumberland, and a brother Joseph Cumberland, along with many extended family members.